Dope, (hed)PE

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Wed, October 25, 2017

6:00 pm

1904 Music Hall

Jacksonville, FL

$17.00 - $20.00

The band was founded by song writer and lead singer Edsel Dope in 1997. As a child, Edsel and his brother, Simon Dope, were separated when their parents divorced. When the two were adults, they reunited and Simon joined Edsel's band, playing keyboards. The pair then recruited Tripp Eisen as guitarist, Preston Nash as drummer, and Acey Slade as bassist.

Unlike many of the popular bands from the 1990s, Dope derived their sound from influences taken from hard rock bands and fused that with the sound of industrial rock acts which had made waves earlier in the decade, such as Ministry, as well as industrial music act Skinny Puppy.

In their earliest days, the band sold drugs to survive and purchase instruments. Furthermore, the name "Dope" refers to drugs and drug culture, as shown by their early T-shirt designs, which prominently displayed hypodermic needles.

Current members

Concert lineup:

Edsel Dope - Born Brian Charles Ebejer – lead vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards, samples (1997–present)
Virus - Born Andre Michel Karkos – lead guitar, samples, backing vocals (2000-present)
Acey Slade - Born Emil John Schmidt IV – guitar (1999-2001, 2012), bass (1998-1999, 2015-present)
Racci "Dr. Sketchy" Shay Hart – bass (2004-2005), drums (2001-2005, 2015-present)

Studio Lineup:
Edsel Dope - Born Brian Charles Ebejer – lead vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards, samples (1997–present)
Nikk Dibs – lead guitar (2013-present)
Virus - Born Andre Michel Karkos – lead guitar, samples, backing vocals (2000-present)
Jerms Genske – bass (2013-present)
Dan Fox – drums, percussion (2013-present)

Former members

Simon Dope – keyboard, percussions, programming (1997-2001)
Sloane "Mosey" Jentry – bass (2000-2004), guitar (1997-1998)
Tripp Eisen - Born Tod Rex Salvador – guitar (1998-2000), bass (1997-1998)
Preston Nash – drums (1997-2000)
Adrian Ost – drums (2004)
Brix Milner - Born Brett Milner – bass, keyboard (2005-2007)
Andrew "Angel" Bartolotta – drums, percussion (2006-2013)
Derrick "Tripp" Tribbett – bass, backing vocals (2007-2013)
The quest to uncover the truth has given California-based hardcore pioneers (Hed)p.e. new life. While the band has weathered the stormy waters of the music business for over a decade and enjoyed a slew of successful albums, it's their quest for answers that has given them purpose.

I believe (Hed)p.e's longevity is due to the fact that our records are more than just music," concludes Jahred. "Some of the greatest artists have used their music for social commentary. Bands like Rage Against the Machine, System of a Down, Sex Pistols, and The Clash, have all empowered their fans to rise up to fight injustice. Since we've got involved with The Truth Movement, I've heard from thousands of fans who are excited that we're using our music to explore things other than girl and boy problems. The best bands use their music for more than dancing and getting wasted."

(Hed)pe has their sights firmly set on the New World Order and they are using their brand of hardcore to bring it down. While early (Hed)pe albums found them mixed up in the rock n' roll lifestyle, the group have been reborn to become the voice for a movement that empowers the youth and explores Secret World History, and at the same time promotes unity and political activism. Always pushing the envelope, (Hed)pe's new album EVOLUTION is built on heavy dark riffs and deep, solid grooves.

(Hed) p.e.'s new album "Evolution" is in stores now!
Venue Information:
1904 Music Hall
19 Ocean Street
Jacksonville, FL, 32202